The 20s are Roaring in Spring

The Great Gatsby (1974) may have been a flop with critics, but with fashionistas, it hit the mark. Theoni V. Aldredge won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design and her inspiration continues to influence designer’s Spring 2012 collections. The classic novel is as popular as ever with the anticipation of a new film version coming later this year and the spring runways filled with fantastic flapper frocks.

This year two Best Picture nominees are set in the 1920s. Midnight in Paris and The Artist both exhibit the glamour of the era through exquisite costumes and lively dancing. The Artist follows two film stars in the late 20s who are constantly draped in the era’s finest, while Owen Wilson’s character in Midnight in Paris travels through time into the 20s, his favorite decade. While swing dancing with women in glimmering flapper dresses, Wilson runs into none other than Scott F. Fitzgarld! This film is all encompassing of the 20s lifestyle of the most influencial artists at the time.

Fans of the novel and spring RTW designers are ready for the upcoming remake. Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg and Marc Jacobs revamped classic 20s ensembles into ever-glamorous pieces.




The first three looks are Ralph Lauren Spring 2012 RTW and the fourth is Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2012 RTW. Each ensemble exhibits the crispness of the 20s, but with casual pieces. Mix flowy pastel skirts with thin cotton t-shirts or blouses for easy elegance. Throw on a hat and summer scarf to add the finished touch.



Jay Gatsby’s wardrobe is not just for men, thanks to Mr. Ralph Lauren.


Sequins and beads sparkled on the dance floor of the 20s, and today they’re lighting up the big screen and the Ralph Lauren runway.


Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 RTW shows casual and funky options to make the flapper look more contemporary. He used rouching and pleats to toughen up flowy skirts and paired crewneck sweatshirts with knee-length skirts, calling to mind ensembles Peppy Miller wore in The Artist.


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