Missed the Mark

The Academy Award red carpet is where the season’s most beautiful couture collides with one another. Winning best dressed on the red carpet has evolved to be almost as important as who wins the gold statue. However, now and again attendees badly miss the mark by sporting very odd fashion. Every year there are some choices in bad taste, which leads actresses to the worst dressed list- but sometimes-bad taste doesn’t explain the downright weird outfits.

I’ve chosen a few Oscar red carpet looks that are puzzling and questionable. The looks I’ve chosen are dresses that take on a theme very literally. In searching the endless lists of bad dresses in Oscar history, I realized some “bad” dresses were only called bad in terms of personal style, and others were more quizzical and had a very literal inspiration from something else. The looks also have the reoccuring theme of being drastically out of place for such an estemed award show. Here are the six looks that I deemed the worst.


Uma Thurman wore this dress to the 2004 Oscars. If Uma was on her way to the pasture, then this dress would be a gorgeous choice for milking cows. The dress has some beautiful details and Uma really does wear it well, but for the red carpet of the most important awards show, it is absolutely out of place. I don’t think the word “milkmaid” should be uttered on the red carpet unless it’s referring to a hair braid style!

Lizzy Gardiner was nominated and won for Best Costume design for The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. While her work was award worthy, her personal style that night was not. The American Express cards tacked onto her dress resembles a Project Runway challenge, not a look for the red carpet. Such a literal use of the cards landed her on my list, but in the December issue of Vogue, a dress caught my eye that would have been a much sleeker, edgier move for Lizzy.


Demi Moore arrived at the 1989 Academy Awards wearing biker shorts. Although she attempted to dress up the biker shorts with a gold train, the mere idea of them at the Oscars sounds crazy. The though of casual clothes on the carpet is daring and a bit more appropriate than sports wear. I think it’s one thing to wear a t-shirt but another to look like you came from cycling class.


In 2001 Bjork wore a dress, so unusual, the more I try to figure it out, the crazier it seems. While I commend her for being confident enough to wear this dress, I think a better way to wear animals is in a print, not coming off of one. Prada’s spring 2012 line has many variations of images of cars on their fabrics. The same idea was seen last spring at Prada and Stella McCartney. I love the looks these two designers are going for and I think it is much more tasteful to make a statement with objects in a print, rather than wearing a goose’s head around one’s neck.




Geena Davis’s look seems more like a costume than an outfit for an awards show. There’s a lot going on here and the burlesque vibe is inappropriate for such an important awards show. This is not only a case of dressing for the wrong occasion, but dressing bad in general. The the ruffles, black pany hose, gloves and corset look tacky for the caliber of the event.


And lastly, this has to be the worst look of anyone who attended the Oscars, but is by far the funniest. Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s looks are a genius idea! So while they personally look dreadful in dresses, they showed an awesome way of how bad dressing can be hysterical.


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3 responses to “Missed the Mark

  1. Rocco Zappia

    Can we please just all take a moment to appreciate the 90 year old women in the back of the Uma Thurman photo, rocking the sequin outfit. She obviously was the best looking women there that evening!

  2. This is an awesome site, I will be adding this site to my morning
    routine 😀

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