And the nominees are…

This year’s Oscar nominees have been announced and it’s time to let the films that impressed the Academy, inspire our wardrobes. The nominees for Best Costume Design include Anonymous, The Artist, Hugo, W.E. and Jane Eyre. They all are period films that completely transport the audience into the era through extravagant clothing.

Hugo is the leader this year with a total of 11 nominations. The extra’s costumes look exquisite à la Gare Montparnasse that you feel like you’re truly seeing Paris in 1931. The two main characters, Hugo Cabret and Isabelle look awesomely cool running around the train station wear tweed coats, high socks and oxford shoes.

To recreate this school uniform/urban chic look, you can easily dress it up, for a fresher look, with a cream blazer, sweater and oxford heel. Throw in one shocking hue, like this green Lanvin skirt to give the classic pieces a modern kick.



Or to keep the ensemble more relaxed, pick a brown tweed or corduroy blazer, a dark stripped sweater, tweed shorts and lace-up boots.



These looks from 3.1 Phillip Lim fall rtw 2011, Carven fall rtw 2011 and are also reminiscent of Hugo and Isabelle’s costumes that can give you extra inspiration to re-create their look.


Anonymous takes place in the Elizabethan Era (1550-1604).

Jane Eyre is based in the 1830s. According to director Cary Joji Fukunaga, the style in the ’30s was “…just awful. Every woman looked like a wedding cake.” So he put some characters in older styles to show that some would not have updated their style quite yet.

W.E. is a film directed by Madonna and tells the story of Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII’s love affair. The film takes the audience into the style and elegance of the 1930s. With over 80 costume changes for Simpson’s character, this film is packed full of exquisite designer gowns and jewels.

The Artist takes place from 1927-1932 and truly transports the audience into the late ’20’s through draper suits and beaded flapper frocks.

Although Midnight in Paris and The Help weren’t nominated for Best Costume, they exuded an elegance of the ’20s and ’60s, respectively. And even Vogue magazine agrees that the dresses worn throughout The Help, will always be a staple in classic dressing.

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